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    A-iPOWER ADDS ENHANCEMENTS TO FOUR GENERATOR MODELSA-iPower announces flexibility and safety enhancements to four portable generator models with the addition of a 12VDC, USB-ready multifunction port and GFCI outlet protection on 120V outlets.

    “We are offering our customers flexibility with the 12VDC multifunction outlet and safety with the GFCI outlets on models SUA5000, SUA7000, SUA9000E, and SUA12000E,” said Dorrance Noonan, CEO of A-iPower.

    “Many of our competitors have USB ports on them allowing a person to plug their phone or iPad directly into the generator. However, that is all you can use it for. Our 12VDC USB-ready multifunction port allows it to be used with any device that has a cigarette type plug but also other adapters depending on your need,” Noonan said.

    As an example, a generator that only has a USB plug could not handle the power needed for larger electronics to function unless it has a separate DC power inverter to plug into the generator’s outlets. The 12VDC USB-ready port eliminates the need for that secondary power inverter, providing flexibility and convenience to the user.

    GFCI Protection

    GFCI outlets are important for added safety. While not required by the Consumer Protection Safety Commission and though they are more costly than regular outlets, these outlets can prevent electrical shock in wet locations, inclement conditions or when something interrupts normal flow of the generators output. While no generator company encourages a user to expose and run their generator in unstable conditions, should something unforeseen happen, the GFCI outlets can shut off the flow in an instant — as little as .025 second.

    The SUA5000, SUA7000, SUA9000E, and SUA12000E have running watts of 4,250, 6,000, 7,250, and 9,0000 respectively. Keyless one-touch push-button start is offered on the SUA9000E and SUA12000E.

    The generators’ shared features and benefits include:

    • High-performance alternator: Provides greater peak wattage, which allows motor-driven appliances and tools to operate simultaneously;
    • Intelligent automatic voltage regulator (AVR): Helps minimize voltage fluctuations and delivers stable power under load;
    • Digital hour meter: For monitoring run times and scheduling of maintenance intervals;
    • Built-in, easy-to-read fuel gauge;
    • Low-oil shutdown: Automatically protects engine from potential damage;
    • Easy-access, ergonomically-angled compact control panel: Multiple front-panel outlets for easy power connections; weatherproof covers provide added protection from the environment and rugged working conditions;
    • Push-to-reset circuit breakers: Provides overload protection;
    • Dual element air filter: Protects engine while allowing extended service interval;
    • Low-tone muffler with USDA-approved spark arrestor;
    • Counter-sink around fuel filling port: Prevents fuel overflow while filling;
    • Fuel tank breather hose: Provides added protection from accidental damage;
    • Built-in, ergonomically-designed handle: Provides easy transportation and folds down for compact storage.