August 10th, 2017  |  Published in News Room

SUA12000ECSAThe SUA120000ECSA generator from A-iPower for the Canadian market (CSA approved) offers 12,000 watts of starting power and 9,000 watts of running power for durable portable power on the job site or as home backup power during emergencies.

On the jobsite, the unit is capable of running multiple tools at once based on wattage demand of each. Learn more here: http://main-3vd1b.hosts.cx/find-your-power/. At home, it can run many home appliances at the same time including the refrigerator and air conditioner, pump, fan, lights, and television.

User-Friendly Features

Easy to operate and maintain, the SUA12000ECSA is equipped with keyless one-touch button electric start. A digital hour meter monitors run times and scheduling of maintenance intervals, and low-oil shutdown automatically protects the engine from potential damage. Push-to-reset circuit breakers provide overload protection and a duel element air filter protects the engine while allowing extended service interval.

Users will always know how much fuel they have with a built-in, easy-to-read fuel gauge. A counter-sink around the fuel filling port prevents overflow while filling; a fuel tank breather hose provides added protection from accidental damage.

An ergonomically-angled compact control panel has multiple front-panel outlets for easy power connections. The panel houses six receptacles, which include: four NEMA 120VAC 20A outlets; one NEMA 120VAC 30A, L5-30R twist-lock outlet; one NEMA 120/240VAC 50A L14-50R industrial grade outlet; and a 12VDC 8.3A adapter plug for battery charging or with a USB adapter.

A built-in handle provides easy transportation and folds down for compact storage.

Power and Durability

The SUA12000ECSA is equipped with a 459cc/16hp OHV engine and efficient, high-output Senci alternator, which delivers greater peak wattage when starting motor-driven tools and appliances. An intelligent automatic voltage regulator (AVR) helps minimize voltage fluctuations and delivers stable power under load.

The unit is constructed of a 1.2-inch diameter rigid tubular steel frame treated with a high-quality rustproof powder coat finish; seamless welding prevents leakage and edges and corners are curved for added safety. Cast iron cylinder sleeves provide for engine durability and extended run life. A seven-gallon heavy duty all steel fuel tank provides up to nine hours of run time at 50 percent load. Never-flat 9.5-inch wheels are designed for heavy-duty loads and improved traction and mobility over rough terrain. A weatherproof covers provide added protection from the environment and rugged working conditions.

A 12V-14AH maintenance-free battery is included with the unit.

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