August 22nd, 2016  |  Published in News Room

Inverters provide quiet, portable power

LOVE THE SOUND OF NATURE, NOT YOUR GENERATOROutdoor enthusiasts – campers, RVers, hikers, and the like – return to nature to relax and get away from the stresses of everyday living. So when enjoying the tranquil forests, the serenity of a pond, or a loon giving its call high above, the last thing they want to hear is the roar of a generator.

Generators, or course, are a mainstay for those wanting to power their small cooking appliances, fans, tablets, lights, or to charge the battery banks when electrical hookups are not available. And in years past, the generators were about as welcome as an airplane landing strip because of the noise they produced.

“Today’s inverter generators are a different story,” said Dorrance Noonan, CEO of A-iPower, a manufacturer of portable power equipment. “The portability, quieter operation, and longer run times of the inverter generators make them well-suited for outdoor activity without bothering the campers ‘next door’ or the hikers trying to enjoy the sounds of nature.”

LOVE THE SOUND OF NATURE, NOT YOUR GENERATORNoonan explained that inverter technology produces electricity on demand, based on what is being powered. “That results in a slower engine speed with less noise and lower fuel consumption,” he said.

“Users appreciate how inexpensive inverters are to run. For example, A-iPower’s 2,000 watt inverters, the SUA2000i and SC2000i, can run about 7 hours at 50 percent load on just a gallon of gas,” Noonan said. “Another advantage is that inverter technology uses clean power, meaning it’s safe for electronics, such as televisions, tablets, and other power sensitive equipment.”

Noonan advises that when choosing an inverter, look for one that has enough receptacles for all the items you plan to run. Inverters that have USB adapters will allow you to charge a battery or cellphone. A-iPower inverters also come equipped with a built-in parallel kit, allowing two generators to connect for nearly double the power.

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