Inverters Perfect for The Great Outdoors

The Summer Solstice – the official beginning of summer – arrives June 21st. But everyone knows it’s Memorial Day weekend when we really embrace the beginning of the summer season.

Summertime is vacation time, party time, family and friends time spent in the Great Outdoors. Whether you’re relaxing at a campsite, having a family reunion at a community park, or wherever your summer fun takes you, an inverter generator will provide power to appliances for you to enjoy cold drinks, hot food, and nighttime lighting.

Inverters are perfect for the job because they are compact, lightweight, run efficiently, and are quieter than an open-frame generator. Plus, inverter technology is safe for electronics, such as televisions, tablets, and other power sensitive equipment. A-iPower inverters also come equipped with a built-in parallel kit, allowing two generators to connect for nearly double the power.

Wherever you need portable power, an inverter generator is the go-to solution! A-iPower offers inverters at 2,000, 2,300 and 3,800 watts.

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