"I had a bad experience with a damaged unit from a large automotive parts company. It was a week since I contacted them through e-mail because they wouldn't answer the phone. Anyone should have seen the unit may have been damaged due to the condition of the box and the yards of tape used to hold it together. It was obvious the unit had taken a big impact such as a forklift. There is no way they received it from A-iPower in that condition because they would have returned it. 

In the meantime, I contacted A-iPower and met Melissa. For over 20 years, my profession involved training retail merchants on customer service and other operational procedures. While the automotive parts company has yet to contact me, Melissa had the damaged parts delivered in record time. She offered to replace the unit, but I told her I could repair it with the new parts. 

The customer service I received from Melissa and A-iPower was second to none. She made me realize there are still companies that know the importance of customer service. The automotive parts company has lost a customer but A-iPower has gained a new and loyal one! 

My gratitude goes out to A-iPower and especially to Melissa. They took the extra time to make sure I was taken care of. Thanks to A-iPower and Melissa – you did everything right."

- John C.

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"Lafayette and other customer service people at A-iPower were fantastic concerning their responsiveness. Quick and detailed on the help. I was able to get everything answered by email, but they offered phone contact if I needed it. I have a couple of generators that had only been started to run a test for generating power when new. They both worked fine. I hadn't started them for over seven months and wanted to test again since spring is here. I couldn't get either of them to start so I emailed A-iPower. They quickly gave me links to videos and offered help. The real issue was my fault. I did not use these units since new, ran the gasoline out of them but did not drain the carburetor bowl through the drain tube as per instructions. After watching the video and cleaning the jets, the units both started. Once the units ran for several minutes, they worked perfectly. Good and quick customer service is rare. A-iPower has the best customer service I have used lately."

- Tim C.

"I've had several open-frame generators in a similar output class. All were (1) difficult to start; (2) loud; and (3) had suspect output for my sensitive electronics. The A-iPower unit arrived today. It is bigger and heavier than I imagined. What have I got myself into?

That being said, I added oil, followed the procedures, and it started on the first try. Quiet, clean power, and rock-solid output. I threw a couple of 1.5kw space heaters and high-power halogen lamps at it. The rpm's increased, but it handled everything without complaint. It is well-constructed and well-engineered. I couldn't be happier!

At this price point, this generator, to me, is an awesome value."

- Dave A.