"Oscar Gonzalez gave me superb customer support. I was having trouble starting the generator. He had me check the oil level and we discovered it was a little low. He had me add oil to the proper level. This solved my issue and the generator started right up! I greatly appreciate the kind and helpful service."

- Curtis K.

"I have had nothing but great service with the company. The first generator shipped was severely damaged by the trucking company. I contacted A-iPower and they asked for pictures, which I sent them. They then sent me a replacement unit. The second time I had a maintenance question about the unit. They answered my question, sent pictures, and offered to send a minor part to replace one that broke. I am very satisfied so far with the generator and service. I would recommend them."

- Theodore C.

"I bought an A-iPower 2000-watt generator and have had great results, as it runs my AC, refrigerator, TV, computer, and lights with no problem. I had a great conversation with Melissa, as she was very helpful, answering my questions quickly and professionally. She was very knowledgeable about the unit, understanding the mechanical aspects and getting me back in business. The A-iPower generator is better than others at half the price."

- Dave M.


I loved the inverter’s remote start and the push start. I also loved how quiet the machine is."

- Carlos R.

"The generator was recommended by friend. It is a very good machine, and it will serve me exactly as I was expecting. I love it."

- Nicole B.

"The machine has been working great! I had been shopping around and for the price, it has been a great purchase."

- Adrian H.


"Purchased the pressure washer from Costco Canada – fast shipping, easy assembly, and it included everything except gas. It works great."

- Ian H.

"This is a great pressure washer, very reliable and easy to start."

- Nael Y.

"This the second I bought. It is an awesome, reliable product!"

- Ariel R.

"The inverter is a good product, economical, easy to use, and carry around. The was good with simple instructions."

- Maira S.

"The instructions to get the generators up and running were very clear. The handle and wheels make this very mobile, the digital fuel indicator is a nice feature, and the price was right!"

- Griffin V.

"The inverter is a good product, economical, easy to use, and carry around. The was good with simple instructions."

- Maira S.

"The machine has been working great! I had been shopping around and for the price, it has been a great purchase."

- Adrian H.

"It’s a nice quiet generator. It works as advertised – it starts easily and powers my small camper without waking up the neighborhood!"

- Mark T.

"It’s a great power washer for the money. It does a great job and is easy to start and use."

- Emily J.

"The generator has plenty of power to run a 50-amp camper."

- Terry J.

"So far so good! It has started easy and been quiet. I will use it for camping season."

- Joseph P.

"A home backup generator with 9000 running watts is exactly what we needed."

- Daniel B.

"This is my second purchase of the SUA200i. Now I can double my capacity."

- Charles H.


"The generator works good and starts on the fly. It is less noisy than I expected."

- Paul C.

"The product is well made. I like the dual fuel option and it’s compact."

- Bob P.

"The product is very good and reliable!"

- Jorge R.

"I just got it and I’m happy with it, as it is much quieter than other brands."

- Barbara H

"I put five hours on it and changed to oil. It’s easy to start and simple to use."

- Charles F.

"A very good product for the money. I’m well satisfied."

- Robert H.


"The product (pressure washer) is easy to start, compact, powerful, and durable. It is convenient with all the different tips to choose from."

- Lynda W.

"The generator works with gas and propane, which gives flexibility in case of power outage and no opportunity to visit a gas station. We will also use it for camping."

- Yung Jin H.

"It’s very capable of performing my needs as an emergency backup."

- Donald C.

"The generator is easy to use and it’s versatile. It has very good features and controls."

- Mario B.

"Small and powerful, just what I need for our race car trailer."

- James W.

"Smooth and nice in starting and it runs very smoothly."

- Clayton G.

"Starts quickly, runs well, and the overload alarm works well."

- Frank A..

"It’s a nice product for camping and emergency usage."

- Jeffrey K.

"This product will meet our needs during power outages and in periods of extreme cold and heat."

- Jerry O.

"The generator is excellent, as it responds to our needs, and it is easy to handle and start. It provides exactly the power we were looking for."

- Marc C.

"I bought the SUA3800ied dual fuel generator. The instructions are easy to follow, and I had no problems. All in all, I’m very happy with the purchase."

- Dale W.

"I bought this generator to provide power to a 26-foot travel trailer. It provides all I need to run the air and LED lights. It’s not as noisy as larger units."

- Randy P.