Parallel Power

A-iPower inverters come equipped with parallel connection capability, allowing two inverters to connect for nearly double the power.

Linking two inverters allows for increased output wattage. Perfect when you need extra power to run your appliances when Rving or camping. It also gives you flexibility on how you use the generators. If your power needs aren’t high at a specific time, then one inverter generator can fill the bill.

For example, you’re camping and it’s a mild weather day. Your RV air conditioner isn’t running so you only need to power your fridge and other appliances. But when the heat kicks in and you need the air conditioner, simply parallel the inverters, and double your power input. Plus, the noise level of two parallel inverters, say at 6,000 watts, is greatly reduced from an open frame unit. Plus, there is the portability and convenience of inverters.

A-iPower has inverter units with power ranging from 2000 to 8000 watts.