Tips for Choosing a Portable Generator

When choosing a portable generator, look for these features:

  • Enough power: Choose a generator with enough wattage output to power the appliances you’ll need in an emergency. Look for continuous running watts rather than surge wattage ratings when determining the correct generator to buy.
  • Clear starting instructions: Starting a portable generator only takes a few simple steps. But this can be confusing when the power is out. Look for a model that includes clear instructions posted on the generator as well as 24-hour phone support.
  • Sufficient electrical outlets: A portable generator should have enough receptacles for the devices a homeowner wants to run. Models that include a multi-outlet cord offer greater convenience.
  • Long enough run time on a full tank of gas: Look for a generator that will run through the night without refilling.
  • Portability: Choosing a generator equipped with wheels and handles makes it a lot easier on the user.

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