TT-30R and Other Receptacles Explained

When looking at for the right generator, you want to find a product that fits your lifestyle. If you plan to go RVing, you will want a unit that will accommodate your needs when traveling.

One thing you will want to look for when selecting a generator with using it with your RV is whether TT-30R is listed.

TT-30R refers to a portable generator being RV-ready. TT stands for travel trailer, 30 stands for amperage, and R stands for receptable. With a TT-30R outlet, you plug your RV directly into your generator without the need for a separate outlet.

There are other number and letter combinations that are listed on generators that you need to understand their meaning when making your selection. Here are other receptacles explained.

  • 5-20R and 5-30R: 5 indicated 120V grounded for Class 1 connections (common household outlet). 5-20R can provide power of up to 2,400 watts. 5-30R provides power up to 3,600 watts.
  • 5-20R duplex: The duplex indicates it can accommodate two contact devices (plugs).
  • L5-30R: the letter “L” in front of a number indicates it is twist-lock equipped.
  • L14-30R: 14 indicates single-phase, four-wire (hot, hot, neutral, ground), grounding devices rated for a maximum voltage of 250V, although commonly referred to as 120/240V since that is the usual nominal voltage.

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