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Fuel Sense Technology

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Enclosed Inverters

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Open Frame Generators

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Electric and Gas Pressure Washers

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Open Frame Inverters

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Engine Series

A-iPower is proud to again participate in the 2024 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas March 26-28. We are excited to share our generator, inverter, and pressure washer products and technology with you in booth W1015 in West Hall. Knowledgeable staff will be available to discuss our products and partnership opportunities.

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Our Fuel Sense Technology allows our generators to run continuously for uninterrupted power output on gas, LPG, and NG with zero user interaction. Ask us how!

Inverter and Portable Engines

Properly engineered and purpose-built, our OHV, heavy-duty 4-cycle engines are designed for specific applications. Select the desired engine series to learn more.

  • 60cc Inverter Engine Series
  • 322cc Inverter Engine Series
  • 80cc Inverter Engine Series
  • 459cc Inverter Engine Series
  • 149cc Inverter Engine Series
  • 744cc Inverter 
    Engine Series
  • 224cc Inverter Engine Series
  • Other Engine Series
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From 1500W to 16500W, visit our booth to see the A-iPower inverter generators all in one spot! Learn more about fuel sense, and why our units are lighter weight than our competitors while offering more content!

Click here to see our inverters. Download details on all our show inverters

Open-Frame Inverters

The perfect balance between cost, high output, clean power, lower emissions, and the latest inverter technology in a compact design. See our stylish new open-frame offerings at the show!


Pressure Washers

PWE2000 - A-iPower E-Pressure Washer  - Main.png__PID:994d08c9-b7f2-4d49-a28c-056d717fe087

Gas or Electric, from 2000PSI to 4200PSI, we have a pressure washer for any need you may have.

Click here to see our pressure washers. Download details on all our show pressure washers.

Parallel Kits

We make it easy to link your inverters together with our simple-to-use PK6000 and PK12000 Parallel Kits. These two kits allow users to link units from the same family of A-iPower inverters, combining the output power of two and redirecting to a single convenient outlet set. See an actual set-up in our Show booth!

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Show Only Models

Visit booth W1015 to see our new…

  • Open Frame Inverters
  • Portable Power Stations
  • Extra High Output inverters and 25W HD portable generators

Portable Generators

See more show-only models featuring remote start and dual and tri-fuel options, all the way up 25,000 watts!

Fun Fact: A-iPower portable generators offer the best dollar/watt on the market!


Portable Power Stations

A-iPower 1200W PPS V1.png__PID:cb8288f1-7230-4a13-8339-30399b486577

Redesigned from the bottom up, you can see the latest A-iPower Portable Power Stations at our National Hardware Show booth – #W1015 in the West Hall. Lightweight and powerful, this all-new family of power stations ranges from <1000W to 7000W and are being shown exclusively in our booth. Featuring both flexible input and output options plus offering a wide choice of power, we’ve studied the market and designed this new line based on consumer needs. Learn more about our GS1200i here.