A-iPower Introduces FUEL SENSE - Automatic Fuel Selection Technology

Available On All GXS Dual Fuel Inverter Generator Models

At A-iPower, our new GXS inverter generator line* comes equipped with FUEL SENSE technology that automatically switches fuel intake between gasoline and propane/LPG. This revolutionary new technology means your A-iPower inverter not only can be run on propane/LPG and gasoline, but it also automatically switches fuel intake to extend runtime, a huge advantage in a power outage or anytime you need to run your generator for an extended period of time. At a 25% load, A- iPower GXS inverters equipped with FUEL SENSE technology offer a runtime of up to 21 hours.

      So how does it work? There are no special switches or adjustments to make, plus you don’t need to monitor the propane level. FUEL SENSE uses a sensor to detect when propane is running low and automatically switches to gasoline, providing more than enough time to change the propane tank for a new one. With A-iPower FUEL SENSE, propane is the prioritized fuel, which means the generator will use propane when the propane cylinder valve is opened. The generator only switches to gasoline when the propane is running low or if the propane valve is closed.

      Along with extended run time, another benefit to FUEL SENSE technology is lower fuel cost, as propane/LPG fuel is typically less expensive than gasoline. Propane/LPG also burns cleaner, reducing emissions and because it has a higher energy density than gasoline, it can run longer for the same amount of fuel.

      When the power goes out or you have a long day of work ahead, A-iPower inverter generators with FUEL SENSE technology are a game-changer that removes the worry of running out of power before the job is done.


*All A-iPower GXS Inverter models that have a “D” at end of their model name signifies they include FUEL SENSE technology. 

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