Announcing the New A-iPower Lightweight Champion

Inverter generators are becoming increasingly more popular and with the launch of A-iPower’s new super lightweight GXSi series, the demand is about to surge even more.

The reasons for the widespread growth are clear. First, inverter generators can produce the clean and stable power that is essential for safely powering today’s sensitive electronic devices like computers or phone chargers. A significant reason for their popularity is their portability, as industry surveys have shown the number one reason people purchase an inverter generator over a traditional model is that they are lightweight, small, and easy to take along to remote sites.

This is why inverters have become the generator of choice for outdoor recreational activities such as beach days, camping trips, picnics, tailgating, and other similar outings. Anyone who has ever packed for a day out knows weight is an important factor, as no one wants to transport more weight than necessary.

Enter the A-iPower GXSi series. Our new line of lightweight inverter generators is the product of a collaborative effort by our international team of design engineers. Together, they were able to incorporate numerous weight saving measures into our inverters by integrating different parts of the engine and the cooling system. After nearly three years of work, their efforts have produced models that are the lightest generators of their capacity on the market today.

The numbers are impressive, as the GXS 2300i weighs in at a just 37.4 pounds. That’s 13.3 pounds or 26% lighter than its predecessor the SUA 2300i. A comparison of other 1800-watt inverter generators on market today shows it is nearly 10 pounds less than the lightest of all the comparable models offered by other manufacturers.

Making it even more portable, the GXS is smaller too. The weight saving measures and integrated parts means we have also been able to significantly reduce the unit’s overall size. Looking at other inverters on the market, the A-iPower GXS 2300i is now nearly 40% smaller than other popular models of comparable power.

Though lighter and smaller than our previous inverter, the GSX products are just as durable. With this series, you can rest assured that your inverter generator is just as long lasting as our other products, living up to the high standards you have come to expect from an A-iPower product.

Next time you’re planning a day out and need a reliable source of power, take a load off with a super lightweight A-iPower inverter generator from our GXSi series. Visit for more information.