Generators Have Many Applications

We all know that portable generators fly off the shelves when there is a threat of a hurricane, ice storm, severe blizzards, or other phenomena that carries a risk of a power outage. But there are certainly many uses for portable generators or inverters other than when the lights go out.

Tailgating: This time of year, tailgating is a prime outdoor event when fans get together before the big game to grill, partake of cold beverages, and even watch the pre-game show on a flat screen under a pop-up tent. What keeps this powered are portable generators of course.

The hunting and late season camping crowd: Stalking wild game in frosty temps doesn’t seem to bother the hardcore hunter. But when dusk falls, even hearty outdoorsmen like to have the tent or remote cabin fired up with heat, lights, stove, and fridge.

Ice Shanties: For ice fishermen, the shanty (or ice house or fish shack) is really a home away from home. Die-hard fishermen who spend entire weekends on the ice need portable power to keep the comfort level up. It’s not unusual for shanties to have not only heat, but refrigerators, stoves, televisions, and more to keep the setting comfortable while waiting for the pole to tip up.

Outdoor events: Whether the backyard for a family reunion or community park for larger gatherings, power keeps things running for food, music, and after-dark lighting.

Inflatable décor: Those giant inflatable outdoor snowmen, Christmas trees, Easter bunnies, kids’ bouncy houses, and whatever else, need fans to keep them blown up – a perfect use for a small portable generator.

Job site pro or DIYer: Power tools can eat up a lot of electricity so whether it’s the pro who needs enough power to operate 30A or 50A tools or flood lights at night, or the home enthusiast who is using table saws, power spray guns for painting, or the like, a generator provides power when needed.