Long May You Run

After hurricane Ian ravaged parts of South Florida this September, news agencies began to report that many gas stations in the area were closed and locals soon began to struggle to find fuel for their vehicles and generators. Even before the hurricane made land, gas stations were reportedly empty in parts of Florida. Difficulty finding gas is a problem that accompanies almost every hurricane. In the worst cases, shortages can persist for days or even weeks.

Before the next storm hits, there are things you can do to lessen or even eliminate the problem a limited gas supply will cause when running your generator. The first is simply to have an ample supply of gas ready before the need arises. Keep in mind fire codes typically restrict gas storage to no more than 25 gallons and the liquid should be stored in containers of five gallons or less.

If you are concerned that the power outage and gas shortage will persist beyond the possibility of stored gasoline, your best bet is to purchase a dual-fuel or tri-fuel generator, both of which give you more options than just gasoline. At A-iPower, we offer a wide range of dual-fuel generators and a brand-new tri-fuel model.

Dual Fuel

From a 2,000-watt inverter to a 12,000-watt generator, all our dual fuel models work on both gasoline and LPG or propane. This offers the chance to store both types of fuel and gives you a better chance of finding fuel in an emergency. With an A-iPower Dual Fuel generator, changing between one type of fuel and another is as simple as flipping the dedicated fuel selector switch.

Tri Fuel

Like our dual fuel generators, the new A-iPower Tri Fuel generator can run on gasoline or LPG but also your home’s natural gas line. Unlike the power supply, most natural disasters, such as hurricanes, do not affect natural gas service. Therefore, with a tri fuel generator, you are provided with an uninterrupted and unlimited fuel supply. Hooking up to your home’s gas line should be done by a licensed professional.

For areas that experience regular power outages due to storms, a tri fuel generator offers you three times the chances to keep the lights on and the food cold.

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