Setting Up and Starting Your Pressure Washer

Now that you have your A-iPower pressure washer and you’ve picked out your first job, for the best results, follow these steps to get your machine up and running.

Read the Manual

As with any machine, read the manual and familiarizing yourself with its workings for safety and to get the best results. Remember, not all models of A-iPower pressure washer are the same. Make sure you understand yours.

Find the Right Spot

Make sure your pressure washer is on a flat surface, as you don’t want it tipping over while in use. Also make sure it can be easily reached by both your garden hose and, if you have an electric pressure washer, an electrical outlet as well. This is also a good time to check the water strainer and clean out any debris. Next, fill the soap deposit if needed.

For a Gas Washer

Make sure the fuel tank is full. To start, open the fuel valve and set choke lever to Start. Pull the starter rope and once the engine has engaged, let it run for 10 seconds before moving the choke to the run position.

Get Connected

Connect the hose from the water supply to your pressure washer. Next, connect the high-pressure hose to the water outlet on the pressure washer. Select the proper nozzle for the job at hand and connect it to the hose. Give the trigger a squeeze to purge the system of any excess air before starting the unit.

Wash away

You are now ready to wash away all the dirt and grime you please.

Shut down

Once you finish, turn off the engine. Turn off the water source, but don’t immediately detach the hose from the machine until you have squeezed the trigger to release any built-up pressure in the system. Disconnect the hoses, and remove as much water as possible from the hoses before storing. Pack up your machine and enjoy the fruits of your work.

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